Speak with a Financial Expert
Speak with a Financial Expert

Our mission is to integrate planning, investment and taxes. Most importantly, with you at the center.

We founded Bay Point Wealth with the belief that most successful journeys begin with a plan. Some famous person, somewhere, once said, “those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” Providing financial planning, investment, and tax expertise gives us the unique ability to help you reach your financial goals by developing a plan that is well-rounded and comprehensive. We are here, certified, and excited to join you on your journey toward your financial goals.

We will do so as your fiduciary, True Fee-Only Advisors – that means we are (ethically & legally) committed to putting your needs first, not ours. We threw away the distractions of sales goals and commissions and made a commitment to always put you first. It’s our mission.

Plan Your Future Today!

Implementation through Integration


The best financial decisions for you depend on your unique goals, values, and circumstances. We make sure we know what those are.

We take pride in creating financial plans customized to your unique needs and goals. The first step is understanding where you want your financial journey to take you. We use this foundation to build appropriate investment and tax strategies, tailored to you. - How else would we do it?

Plan Your Future Today!


We could waste a lot of time and energy telling you how great we are at picking stocks and beating the markets, but we won’t, because we know it likely won’t work and will only add costs, taxes and anxiety.

We know there are better ways to help you reach your goals and that is why we use low-cost and tax-efficient funds that are built on proven academic research and tailored to your unique financial goals.

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They matter. They matter a lot. If you don’t know the gritty details that only a tax expert can know, it’s easy to overlook and ignore the complicated tax implications of investment decisions. The more tax you pay, the lower your investment return. We maximize your wealth by looking at the overall picture. Taxes are an important part of the plan.

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Thoughtful Advice in Action

Starting with a plan is a must, but it’s only successful if it’s implemented. If it does not provide a good starting point, or adapt to change (which is the only constant in life) – what good is it?

At Bay Point Wealth, we will not only create your plan, we will help you implement it and navigate the roadblocks you’ll face during implementation. We are here to guide you when the expected, and unexpected, hurdles are in your way along your journey.

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Work With a Firm That Cares About You

Bay Point is focused on living our mission: integrating financial planning, investment, and taxes with your needs at the center of our focus.

Money is personal. Money is emotional. It’s important to you. It’s important to us, too.

We know your financial beliefs are built on your life experiences, and that’s why we do not take your financial goals lightly. We care about our clients and will work tirelessly to provide expert advice and great service.

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Speak with a Financial Expert