Speak with a Financial Expert
Speak with a Financial Expert

Integrating planning, investments, and taxes is great, but we can’t do this successfully without understanding your perspective.

We know how important it is to listen and hear your perspective. We do our best to put ourselves in your shoes and understand what is important to you. We feel it is essential to building a long-lasting relationship of trust and mutual respect.

We choose (and have since our founding) to hold our firm to the fiduciary standard, which means we are legally and ethically required to put your best interest first, even above our own. We're committed to providing objective, thoughtful, and independent advice at a fair and reasonable cost, free from concerns about our own commissions for selling you financial products.

We ensure accuracy and are up to date on the latest news and research. In fact, as members of NAPFA, we are required to have 30 more annual hours of Continuing Education than many other advisory firms and as CPAs, we are required to have 40 hours of accounting and tax education a year, as well.

Our investment services are fee-only, and we will always provide you with an upfront estimate for other services.

Bay Point Wealth was created with a vision of building long-term relationships based on trust and high-quality service. We know how hard it is to get new clients and build trust with people, so we deeply value our relationship with our current clients.

We pride ourselves on picking up the phone, answering emails and taking the time to listen to you.


Creating a Vision for You

Bay Point Wealth Management and JSK Financial Services merged together in 2020 with two objectives:

  1. Create a firm that integrates planning, investments and taxes.
  2. Always put the clients’ interests, needs and objectives first.

Our vision is to build long-term relationships based on mutual respect, high-quality service, and genuine concern for reaching our clients' goals. We pride ourselves on picking up the phone, answering emails, and taking the time to talk to our clients as their needs arise and change. We are open to conversations about any concerns, not just investments.

This kind of commitment takes trust, but it is only possible with the right kind of client. We value who you are and your unique characteristics and needs. Our primary purpose is to improve the lives of our clients and their families through highly personalized service.

As a client, you will know we care about you and your family by the way we show up for every aspect of your financial life. We work closely with a team of professionals to make things easier for you and to make sure everything is done right. We will meet with you on a regular basis to establish and prioritize your goals, identify and protect against risks, minimize your taxes, and simplify the complexities of your financial life. We will also help care for those you care about. This can include aging parents, independent children or family members with special needs.

Let’s go on a journey together!

We don't love talking about ourselves, but I guess we have to.

Bill Hufnell, CFP®, CPA

Annapolis, MD

Jim Kantowski, CFP®, CPA

Annapolis, MD

Lyn Dippel, JD, CFP®

Annapolis, MD

Samantha Sachs, CPA, MBA

Asheville, NC

Kimberly Anderson, CFP®

Annapolis, MD

Dan Ebinger, CFA

Annapolis, MD

William J. Hufnell, CFP®

Yvonne Talbott Scoggins

Annapolis, MD

Elizabeth Yoder, CFP®

Annapolis, MD

Debbie Lehman

Asheville, NC

Christine Hufnell

Annapolis, MD

Glenell Agnolutto

Annapolis, MD

We dedicate our days to focusing on your financial picture, so you can focus on the most important parts of your life.

Let's go on a journey together!