Speak with a Financial Expert
Speak with a Financial Expert

The single most common question we receive from clients is "Will we have enough money when we retire?"

Our job is to help you find out, and ensure the answer is "yes."

We understand that there are an overwhelming number of options for saving, investing and protecting your finances. We strongly believe that looking at the big picture, setting short-term and long-term goals, and making decisions based on your unique circumstances will give you the best chance of reaching your goals.

We use an interactive software to take a close look at your situation and see where you're headed. Based on that, we will make a plan that fits your needs and implement an investment portfolio that helps you reach your goals.

We look at and integrate all aspects of your financial life, including your investments, taxes, insurance, and estate plan to provide advice in an unbiased, clear, and comprehensive manner.

We'll make assumptions based on your current situation and where you're headed. In an interactive meeting we will show you how different factors affect your financial future. In real time you can see how spending, investment returns, savings, and retirement date will affect your wealth.

Below is a pictorial of a graph that shows you will have enough assets to last your lifetime. If this is the case your plan should focus on protecting your assets to make sure the graph continues on the upward path. You do not want to make mistakes that change the direction.

Wealth Lifetime Graph

The graph above is what every client wants to see, but sometimes the data shows you do not have enough assets or income to reach your goals. We can help you determine the adjustments that need to be made to change the direction.

Welth Lifetime Decrease

You may need to work longer, save more, or adjust your investments. We're here to figure out what solution will work for you.

We will generate various scenarios until we've found one that fits your needs. We will then help you reach that goal.

When you leave our office you will have a clear picture of what your financial future holds and how it all ties together. We will then implement the plan we agreed on and guide you along your way as you take retirement distributions, plan for taxes, plan your estate, and figure out your insurance needs.