Once we create your financial plan, the next step is to implement it. 

Investing based on the goals outlined in your financial plan is an excellent way to grow your wealth on your terms.

However, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by investment options and strategies. The challenges around identifying which stocks or bonds to invest in, deciding what types of investments to include, and determining the right level of risk may prevent you from taking action. Add to that the uncertainty of knowing the right time to sell certain assets or the tax implications involved.

With the right guidance, you can overcome these obstacles—to help you reach your financial objectives. 

We’ll strive to get you the investment returns you need (and help you sleep at night).

Bay Point Wealth offers a balanced perspective that helps you stay the course through market downturns so that you can take advantage of the inevitable upticks. When you work with us, we believe that you’ll benefit from our commitment to modern portfolio theory. This means we don’t chase fads, or try to predict the future and beat the market. Instead, we’ll diversify your investments in stocks, bonds, and cash, minimizing risk and maximizing returns.

We’ll help ensure that your investments are consistent with your goals. We will seek to do so by providing a solid investment portfolio management strategy that fits your unique situation.

A Tax-Efficient, Low-Cost Approach

Your investment strategy can affect your taxes for better or worse. We’ll manage your portfolio in a way that ensures your tax bill is as lean as possible. For example, by investing in various types of retirement accounts, you may not only be able to reduce your current tax bill, but also the amount you pay in the future. 

In addition, we can help you recognize investment losses when they occur to offset capital gains or find potential opportunities to recognize capital gains at a 0% rate.

Our Investment Portfolio Management Process

You won’t have to worry about paying high fees for our portfolio management services. We use low-cost mutual funds or exchange-traded funds to ensure your returns stay in your pocket. And, as a fee-only wealth management firm, we don’t receive commissions and are always looking out for your best interests.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with Bay Point Wealth:

  • First, we’ll coordinate your investment strategy with your financial plan, taking a big picture approach to helping you reach your objectives. 
  • Then, we’ll define the amount of risk you’re comfortable with and incorporate it into your investments. We’ll attempt to capture as high a rate of return as possible, given your goals and risk tolerance level.
  • Along the way, we’ll minimize costs and taxes that might otherwise detract from your returns. 
  • We’ll also systematically rebalance your portfolio according to your unique investment policy statement.

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