Speak with a Financial Expert
Speak with a Financial Expert

After we create your financial plan, the next step is implementing it. Once we know the rate of return that works for you, we will design an investment portfolio that reaches that goal in a cost effective and tax efficient manner, maintaining as little risk as possible.

Bay Point's investment philosophy is firmly grounded in the academic principals of Modern Portfolio Theory.

We employ an “asset class”-based investment approach in an effort to deliver comprehensive market diversification at the lowest possible cost. We believe this approach maximizes investment returns while minimizing risk and volatility. It also means we don’t have to spend our time or your money chasing returns or the latest fad. Instead, we focus on strengthening relationships and developing a complete understanding of the unique circumstances that we believe will ultimately lead you to a successful long term investment outcome.

Specifically, we will focus our efforts on things we can control:

  • Defining and incorporating an appropriate amount of risk within your investments
  • Coordinating your investment strategy with your financial plan
  • Capturing as much of the market returns as possible given your objectives and tolerances
  • Minimizing costs and taxes that might otherwise detract from your returns
  • Systematically rebalancing your portfolio according to your unique investment policy statement

All things being equal, we believe that lower fees mean better returns and maximizing the efficiency with which an investor achieves comprehensive market diversification is fundamental to maximizing investment results. By accessing institutional class investment funds, designed specifically for this purpose, we are able to reduce your investment costs, minimize your taxes and improve bottom line performance.

Let’s face it - your total investment costs have a direct impact on your investment results.

Here at Bay Point Wealth, we recognize this relationship between cost and returns and we seek to deliver investment plans with the lowest possible investment costs.