We take taxes into consideration when we create your financial plan, and once we put your plan in motion, we’ll continue to monitor and manage your tax burden.

Tax planning is an essential part of your overall financial picture. Taking advantage of tax savings opportunities allows you to keep your costs low, increase your wealth, and control what you can control throughout the investment experience.

Understanding tax law can be a challenge. Minimizing your tax bill requires staying up to date on law changes, knowing the best places to save your money, when to sell assets, where to pull money from, how different investments are taxed, and more. Implementing and managing a tax-efficient investing strategy also may be difficult because there are so many different types of investments you can hold in various accounts to save money over time.

Save money and grow your wealth with our integrated tax management services.

The tax world is a reactive environment. At Bay Point Wealth, we go against the grain and use proactive tax investment strategies to help reduce your taxes now and in the future.

Our team includes Certified Financial Planners and Certified Public Accountants who will look for opportunities to minimize your tax burden and integrate your tax planning with your entire financial plan.

We can answer your most pressing tax questions, such as:

  • Which retirement accounts and tax-advantaged investments would benefit me most?
  • Where should I hold my investments?
  • When should I recognize gains (or losses)?
  • How should I manage my cash flows, and when should I make withdrawals?
  • How can I manage my business to save on taxes?
  • How can I minimize taxes when I sell my business?
  • How can I pass on wealth to future generations in a tax-efficient way?

Our Tax Planning Process

Taxes don’t have to be complicated. Let us take the weight off your shoulders. Here’s how we’ll work together to help you find tax savings:

First, we’ll review your previous returns and analyze your current income situation, as well as any gains or losses in your portfolio.

Next, we’ll look for savings opportunities in your various accounts. For example, if you have a deferred compensation plan through your employer, we’ll make recommendations for funding that tax-efficient account to help you invest based on your financial goals.

And our work doesn’t stop there. We take an ongoing approach to wealth management, and will look for opportunities to minimize your tax bill for as long as we work with you. Your questions are always welcome—there’s no judgement here!

Are you ready to take control of your taxes?

Give yourself a better chance to reach your financial goals by reducing your tax burden.
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