2024 Investment Management Webinar – Stronger Today Than Yesterday

In 2023, investors faced challenges that tested their resilience, but trying times often uncover opportunities. In this live webinar, Bay Point Wealth Founder Bill Hufnell, CFPⓇ, and Senior Advisor, Dan Ebinger, CFPⓇ explore the lessons learned and discuss how to emerge stronger in 2024. Join us as we delve into the key concerns occupying investors' minds and explore what the year ahead may hold. Here's to being "Stronger Today Than Yesterday" in your financial journey! 

10 Mistakes To Avoid When Planning For A Loved One With Special Needs

Many critical mistakes can occur when planning for a loved one with special needs, along with the perils that exist for persons with disabilities when no planning is implemented for them.

In this interactive workshop, Elville and Associates' elder law and special-needs planning attorney Stephen R. Elville will discuss the biggest mistakes in special needs planning, what the ramifications are, and how to avoid and overcome them.  Specifically, Mr. Elville will juxtapose these mistakes in planning with how to achieve ideal special-needs planning and even perfection in such planning.

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