Speak with a Financial Expert
Speak with a Financial Expert

Yvonne began her career in Financial Services in January 1999. She worked for Charles Schwab for 17 years.

In the beginning of her career, she worked with active traders, specializing in options trading. She later began working as a Financial Advisor, focusing on helping clients invest in long-term and financial planning. She has seen incredible bull markets like the rise in technology stocks. She has also worked closely with clients through painful down markets like what we experienced in 2008. She understands that investing can be difficult especially when the markets are volatile. Helping clients both grow and protect their money is important to her.   

As a mom of three daughters (one of whom is in college), who has cared for her aging grandparents and now her own parents, she understands how important proper planning is. 

She knows that not everyone enjoys the details of investing as she does so when she communicates with clients she takes her time to make sure she has answered their questions as thoroughly as they need without overcomplicating it.

Yvonne is originally from Maryland but being a Navy brat she has also grown up on the west coast. She currently lives in Crownsville, MD with her husband and daughters. 

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email: yscoggins@baypointwealth.com
phone: 240-682-0144

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